The Vapor Audio Experience


We encourage all of our customers to go through a consultation with a member of the Vapor Audio staff, often the designer himself.  We aim to meet all of your needs and expectations and build not just another speaker from our lineup, but a unique peace art designed to fit your decor, tastes, and preferences.  We will bring our years of knowledge and experience to the design process to ensure that your speaker looks and sounds like something you have never experienced before.  Don’t feel intimidated whether you are new to the industry or a stalwart figure in the audio community, we can help you through the process either in person, via email, or over the phone; whatever you are most comfortable with.


After you have decided on the model, features, and finishes we will put together a spec sheet and start either preparing the appropriate veneer from our inventory or acquiring the veneer if it is not something that we stock.  We like to stock pile some of the more rare and unique veneers as some logs are once in a lifetime logs, but we have networks to acquire almost any wood veneer.  We pride ourselves on offering some of the finest wood finishes in the industry.  After a final set of specs are set, the assembly process can begin.


We try to keep as many cabinets ready for veneer in our shop as we can to reduce turn time, as this is the most labor intensive portion of the process.  Once an order is received, we will either reserve one of our pre-laminated cabinets for your build, or place the order in queue in the order it was received.  Our speaker builders are artists and craftsmen to allow us to execute such unique creations out of wood and other more exotic materials with consistency and unequaled quality.  We use the latest and best available manufacturing techniques including: stacked ply lamination, CNC cutting, pre tensioned multi-layer panels, constrained layer panels, veneer splicing and bookmatching, and many other trade secrets that go into building our very unique speaker models.  All of the assembly and finishing takes place in the United States by caring artisans.


We offer many different grades and types of finish, often deciding what to use based up the surface to which it is being applied.  Due to dry times of these various different products, quality control, and temperature and humidity changes this can be one of the more time consuming stages in the process.  It can take anywhere from a week for a matte finished sprayed conversion varnish to over a month for a properly done wet sanded and hand buffed piano gloss finish.  We will be open and honest about these times during the consultation process, and keep you aware of any changes in your builds timeline as is progresses.

Quality Control and Shipment

Every pair of speakers that leaves Vapor Audio has already had extensive break-in, multiple measurements, and critical listening before it is boxed and shipped to it final home.  We pride ourselves in delivering a consistently world class product from the standpoints of sound, finish, and quality.  After all of these quality control tests are done, and a final silk glove inspection, waxing, and detailing, the speakers and stands are carefully packed, palletized, and shipped insured to their final destination.  After the hundreds of hours that go in to each labor of love, it almost hard to see them go.  But we know they are going to be appreciated and admired for many years to come.

Vapor Audio

Partners and Recommended Components:

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In addition to being great guys, LampizatOr makes the best digital in the business.

Homepage Icon Set In talking with our customers about turntables, one name kept coming up - SOTA. Their quality and custom options make for a perfect fit. Vapor Audio is now a SOTA Turntables dealer.

Antipodes Audio Antipodes has become another Vapor Audio favorite. We use their music servers and cables at shows, and at home.

Verastarr Vapor Audio uses Verastarr cabling exclusively at shows, and at home in our own systems.

Latest Blog Entries

Our Philosophy

/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/icon_philosophy.jpgHere at Vapor we strive to create and perfect unique loudspeakers. If it’s been done before by another manufacturer, we’re not interested. All our models feature cabinet construction other manufacturers won't even attempt, and components found in speakers often retailing for many times more. Compromise is not a word spoken here, and the goal is simple - perfection! We can end your search for the ideal in-home musical experience, the value we offer is icing on the cake.

And while construction and component quality is critical to the final product, what's most important is where the rubber meets the road - how does it sound? Since all Vapor Audio designs are extensively voiced by human ears, specifically one set of ears, they all have a clearly similar sonic DNA. The balance consistently neutral, with just a hint of warmth. This neutrality let's the excellence of our build shine without coloration, if it's in the recording you'll hear it through a pair of Vapor Audio speakers. But unlike other 'revealing' speakers, ours accomplish this task without inducing listener fatigue. And now we've gone full circle, because it's our exemplary build and components that allow this level of resolution without fatigue.

What We've Learned

/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/icon_pursuit.jpgSince Vapor Audio was founded in late 2008, our pursuit hasn't slowed for a moment. Behind all the offered models are numerous other failed attempts, many excellent speakers, but ones that don't make the cut. From all this we've learned many things, and add them to all our models.

- Resonance free and insert cabinets are an absolute must, as is elimination of cabinet edge diffractions. Our exclusive "Inversion Layer" material is used in all models, and can reduce resonances by as much as 20db.
- All drivers we use have extended bandwidth far past the range in which we use them, extremely low distortion, and motors that minimize thermal compression.
- Crossover components DO matter, and we use some of the finest ones available from manufacturers like Mundorf, Jensen, VH Audio, Clarity Cap, and Duelund.
- Keep crossovers as simple as possible, and time alignment between drivers greatly helps in reducing parts count, and thus adding a sense of ease and refinement
- Computer simulation can get you in the ballpark, but the get the most performance out of any design, the speaker MUST be voiced and tweaked by human ears. Every Vapor model has gone through hundreds of hours of careful voicing.

Custom Speaker Design

/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/icon_speaker.jpgVapor is a true custom design shop. We can tailor every aspect of the build to your taste. All models can be changed in ways to make them more suitable to your specific situation. Specific space considerations can be met by making models larger or smaller, within certain limitations. Matching center channel or surround speakers can be built to pair with all models, either as free-standing speakers or wall mounted. We can also apply any finish imaginable.

All of these things are not only offered, but encouraged. After all, giving the customer exactly what they want is our number 1 priority. What's more is such custom builds are priced only based on labor involved and component cost, there's no sliding-scale for pricing with custom work. So not only can you get exactly what you want, you can get it at a reasonable price. It is however important the customer remember that enlisting a custom build is a commitment, deposits on custom builds are not refundable. And when building something new for the first time, complications and setbacks can arise. Our build time estimates are just that, and not guaranteed.