Show Report – RMAF 2015

Written by Ryan Scott on January 21, 2016. Posted in Vapor Sound News

Look at the previous blog entry for Axpona 2015, if you can read between the lines you can tell that while we were amazed with what the Perfect Storm White was able to produce, we still knew there was more performance left on the table. So with that we re-doubled our efforts to perfect the Perfect Storm.

Since an ideal foundation was laid with the finest drivers and cabinetry possible, we threw out the original crossover and began anew. Armed with a fresh batch of measurement data, we developed an all new crossover design, and voiced the Perfect Storm as if it was the first time being heard. At the end of this process, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the Perfect Storm was reborn! Previously, the soundstage could become confused, disjointed. This is a sure sign that phase between drivers isn’t tracking ideally. After the new crossover, the Perfect Storm became a big speaker that sounds coherent across a boundless canvas.

Besides the incomparable Perfect Storm White loudspeakers, with their newly perfected crossover, we again showed with consistent stable-mate LampizatOr, again with their Golden Gate DAC. In the months since it’s launch, the Golden Gate has quickly earned the reputation of World’s Best Digital. IMO, rightfully so. Amplification was a new deal for us, we switched mid-show just for shits and giggles. Friday and Saturday we ran the LampizatOr 211 tube monoblocks, Sunday we ran a Jeff Rowland 625 S1. Both sounded spectacular in their own way, it was also interesting to listen to show goers opinions of “it sounded better before”, or “I like it more now”. Verastarr again provided cabling including his Silver Grand Illusion power cables. Antipodes once again provided us with the best digital source money can buy. And we never forget about the importance of the room, Resolution Acoustics provided a full suite of their products that tamed the nasties found inside a hotel room, and gave us a solid foundation to build upon.

Sorry, almost forgot. Power conditioning is always important, doubly so in noisy hotel AC. And thanks to Zenwave Audio and VH Audio.

This room was downright spooky in it’s ability to image, truly larger than life. But unlike some other systems that image big, this setup was HUGE and precise. Images were sharp and focused inside an enveloping 3D orb of sound. I can say without a doubt that this was the most engaging and exciting musical reproduction system I’ve ever heard, at any price.

Best of Show from Enjoy The Music

Early on in the show, we knew Enjoy the Music loved what they were hearing, but were ecstatic to learn they gave us overall Best of Show, period.

AVS Showrooms were big fans this time

Pez and Tyson always enjoy our work, probably because they don’t play the you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours game. They’re financially free to speak truth, and they always do. But this year I think they pee’d themselves a little, I kid. If you doubt that we’re Level 1000 Speaker Building Ninjas, Read This! Truth, we’re next level stuff. It’ll take the rest of the industry 3 years just to catch up to the Perfect Storm.

Audiophile Oasis Award

You’ll have to scroll down a bit because they give out so many awards, but Positive Feedback gave us another well earned Oasis award

New guy No Audiophile provided some great pics, and colorful descriptions. And gave us the WTF that’s a big bad ass speaker award!

Wayne and Dennis from HT Shack aren’t just good guys, they know special when they hear it. And they loved us yet again.

Stereophile typically enjoys our efforts, and this year was no different. The system graced recordings by Frank Sinatra, Gillian Welch, and Beck with a beautifully even gorgeous midrange and lovely warmth.

There are more glowing reports from the show, many more actually. But I think that’s enough. And as usual, not a single word from The Absolute Sound.

Ryan Scott

Owner of Vapor Audio