Show Report – Axpona 2015

Written by Ryan Scott on September 1, 2015. Posted in Vapor Sound News

Let’s be honest, for a speaker manufacturer shows are a drag! At least the work leading up to them always is. No matter how far in advance you prep, things go down to the last minute. I suppose if we made boring and simple MDF boxes with all right angles, we could crank those out in 2 weeks and it’d be no big deal. But we complicate everything to the n’th degree.

And for Axpona 2015, our goal was as ambitious as any we’ve ever set! We were determined to launch the Perfect Storm. It’s cabinet would be bigger and more complex than any we’ve ever built. And on top of that, we had Accuton design us a custom 97db sensitive 8″ midrange. Oh, and on top of that the new upper midrange Accuton driver wasn’t even in production yet, so they bumped up their schedule just for us! Things came together, but just barely. We were still tweaking crossover values at the show, and have continued tweaking since.

So while we pulled it off, Axpona wasn’t the ideal showing for our new Flagship. Still we managed to blow the roof off the place, and redefine what’s possible for the price-point, or honestly any price-point.

Also debuting at the show was our new rack system, designed by Nimbus and Aurora creator Ed Rosenquist. Ed is definitely an outside the box thinker, and his rack showcases that talent perfectly. Continuing in the Vapor tradition of “if it’s been done before, we’re not interested”, our rack utilizes solid CNC milled 6061 aluminum bar-stock with an ingenious cantilever locking mechanism that gives the shelves near unlimited vertical location flexibility. It also results in a totally unique look that showcases your gear on floating shelves, and gives the best possible air circulation. The rack is strong too, stupid strong, as 250lb Ed demonstrated at the show by walking up the shelves without any flex. Internal damping AND isolation are built into the shelf as well. With this rack, you get it all.

For the first time Vapor showed with Lamm Industries. It was an absolute pleasure to experience Lamm electronics, and made clear that they have earned their lofty reputation. The M2.2 monblock amplifiers were everything promised and more, powerful and refined, the music just flowed from them. LampizatOr also made a huge splash by debuting their new Golden Gate DAC. In the months since it’s launch, the Golden Gate has quickly earned the reputation of World’s Best Digital. IMO, rightfully so. Verastarr again provided cabling including his Silver Grand Illusion power cables. Antipodes again proved what we already knew, that their music servers are without peer. The DX we used is an abolute no-brainer for anyone putting together a best-of-the-best digital chain.

While not inexpensive by any means, the total cost of the room at under $100K is certainly reasonable compared to the competition. But the results embarrassed many much higher priced rooms, and competed with the very best.

The Stereo Times, “At every show there’s a room that you walk into and your unfiltered reaction is simply to go… damn! For me, that room was the Vapor Audio room.

Positive Feedback, “This was another room that offered great new surprises

Vapor Audio Oasis Award Axpona 2015

Midwest Audio Clud, “Fantastic Video coverage of the room

Polk Forum Coverage, “WOW! Wow! WOW! Great sound and construction. I loved these!

Dagogo, “the vividness and information retrieval were breathtaking.

HT Shack, “One of the very best sounds of the show, one of my top 5 rooms.

Ryan Scott

Owner of Vapor Audio