And now for something completely new …

Written by Ryan Scott on April 9, 2015. Posted in Vapor Sound News

Customer comes to us, poses the question “What is the best possible speaker you can build for my built-in bookshelf placement?” Well, given the small footprint required and bass issues that come from bookshelf placement, this was our solution.

The cabinet is our typical bomb proof stacked ply affair with separate internal chambers for the woofer and midrange. The tweeter is the RAAL 70-20XR, airy and sweet. Midrange is an Accuton C158 as found in the Nimbus White, and the woofer is a Wavecor SW228 8″ subwoofer. The mid and tweet have their own separate passive crossover network with high-pass on the midrange. The woofer is powered from a built-in Hypex amplifer with full DSP to tame difficult bass problems.

What’s more, this may well be the best possible speaker for those looking to have the ultimate desktop monitor. They’re very fast and transparent, but also have weight and scale of a MUCH larger speaker. They probably won’t be added to our full-time lineup, but can be built to order.

Ryan Scott

Owner of Vapor Audio