The Nimbus model from Vapor Audio has achieved legendary status in very short order, but a request often received is that customers would like a speaker with similar capabilities, but in a more manageable weight. And while Hoffman’s Iron Law certainly applies in that the smaller Derecho does not go as low as the larger Nimbus, the bass delivered by the Derecho remains full and dynamic. The midrange is new to Vapor Audio, and delivers an impressive performance. It utilizes a cone made of carbon fiber and paper blend, and a state of the art neodymium motor system with a thick copper sleeve to reduce inductance and distortion. And anchoring is the incomparable, sweet and seductive RAAL 70-20XR ribbon tweeter.

Creating the Derecho cabinet presented the challenge of how to build the size and internal volume needed, but use construction techniques that do not push the weight back into Nimbus territory. By utilizing our perfected stacked Birch-ply method, we kept wall stiffness while saving weight due to the lower density of Birch Ply. 12 full sheets of Birch Ply are used in the creation of a Derecho cabinet, and uses a scaled-up version of the shape optimized originally in the Cirrus Black. Use of this shape gives the same benefits to the Derecho as it does to the smaller Cirrus, greatly reduced cabinet resonance, zero-diffraction signature, and much lower through-wall sound transmission. All these factors combine to create an ideal enclosure that allows complete transparency.

Give us a target and we deliver! The Derecho is the latest example of that, and exceeds all preset goals including:

– High Sensitivity for use with lower power tube amplifiers
– Exceptional Dynamics and low thermal compression at high SPL
– Bass extension to cover the full instrument range
– All the inner resolution and refinement Vapor Audio is known for

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Priced at $13,995 per pair

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  • Drivers Used RAAL 70-20XR Amorphous Core Tweeter
    Carbon Fiber impregnated Paper High-Efficiency 6.5" Midrange
    Dual High-Efficiency B&C 8" Woofers
    Cabinet Tuning Rear Ported, 38hz tuning frequency
    Freq Response 40 – 46,000 +/-3db, 48 – 42,500 hz +/- 1.5db
    Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
    Sensitivity 93 db
    Recommended Power 8-300 watts via Tube Amp
    15-500 watts via Solid State Amp
    Weight and Dimensions 160 Pounds
    46″ Height x 18″ Deep x 13″ Max Width
    Crossover Details Hybrid 2nd order parallel networks with woofer impedance compensation network
    Crossover points of 350hz and 2300hz
  • Standard Cabinet Features:
    Isolated, ideally shaped chambers for midrange and woofers
    CNC cut laminated stacked 13-ply Baltic Birch construction standard
    Vapor Audio’s proprietary Acoustic Inversion Layer dampening treatment to reduce cabinet wall resonance by over 20db.
    Urethane finish over bare ply with veneered end cap standard

    Standard Crossover Features:
    14 ga foil inductors
    Clarity CMR capacitors
    All point-to-point hand soldered with Cardas Silver Solder
    Crossover is contained in separate vibration isolated chamber

    Connectivity and Wiring:
    Bi-Wire WBT 0703 Binding Posts
    Wired internally with Kimber throughout

  • Below is a listing of some more popular upgrades, many others are available.
    Crossover components, wiring, and binding posts can all be chosen by the customer.
    Contact us for details and pricing.

    Finish Upgrades:
    Hand Rubbed High Gloss Piano finish – $1000

    Crossover Upgrade Packages:
    Jensen Silver Foil bypass capacitors – $400 (SWEET)
    Mundorf EVO Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors – $600 (LIVE)
    Jensen Copper/Foil capacitors – $1000 (INTIMATE)
    Duelund RS capacitors - $2000 (PERFECTION)
    Please remember this is only a starting point for cap options. We have used many others not listed here such as Jupiter Copper Foil or Duelund Hybrid Silver. Inquire for more info

    Tweeter Upgrade:
    Silver/Gold RAAL Transformer winding – $400

    Binding Post Upgrades:
    Upgrade to bi-wire WBT 0730 Polished Gold or Platinum – $250
    Upgrade to bi-wire WBT 0710 Silver or Gold – $400 (Finest binding posts available today)

    Internal Wiring Upgrades:
    Many options available, contact us for pricing and details