Cirrus White


With The Cirrus White we have attempted to provide a Ying to the Yang that is The Cirrus Black. With this design, while focusing on the delicate balance of musicality and detail that The Cirrus Black accomplishes so effortlessly, we attempted to bring out more of that edge of your seat enthralling listening experience. Not as much of a reinvention of the design as a different flavor. If The Cirrus Black is a delicious juicy steak The Cirrus White is an equally delectable spicy curry.

We started with the same exhaustively engineered cabinet developed for the Cirrus Black, and adopted it for this purpose by placing the RAAL tweeter in its own separate stacked ply module. The tweeter pod is movable by the owner, and gives them the ability to finely tune sound to their taste. Example – moving the tweeter pod back as little as 1/2″ can introduce more smoothness, keeping it flush with the woofer module as designed gives perfect time alignment and integration along with razor sharp imaging.

The Neodymium Accuton Mid-Bass woofer has a state of the art motor design that delivers as much magnet force as most 12″ subwoofers, but only has to move 15 grams of mass. This results in unequaled acceleration and control of the cone, it also gives a very high sensitivity. Upon listening to The Cirrus White you will be struck with the speed and dynamics of the midrange. While The Cirrus White is certainly a lively speaker it shines with anything from the largest orchestral recording to the most intimate and soulful of vocal recordings. It will however bring a different sense of emotion to the music, wringing out detail in the midrange you’ve likely never heard before.

Woofer, tweeter, and cabinet have to work together as a whole. In less thoroughly engineered designs, the cabinet can introduce irregularities on both drivers requiring attention (and extra components) in the crossover. In The Cirrus White there are no such irregularities and drivers are perfectly time aligned, meaning a beautifully simple 4 total component crossover network.

The one caveat to be sure of is that The Cirrus White is designed to be integrated with a capable subwoofer, however the natural sharp roll at 60hz makes it relatively simple to create an effortless full range system with world class speed and dynamics.

Black vs. White

Here at Vapor Audio we realize that there’s no such thing as “right” for everyone. When dealing with perception of a human sense, individual taste is all that matters. To give customers options, and ability to fit our designs to their taste, we offer most speakers in Black and White versions. Tonally they will be nearly identical, afterall they are both voiced by the same set of human ears. But the difference is what one might expect from a soft cone woofer versus a hard cone. Black versions offer softer cone paper drivers, while White versions offer harder ceramic cone drivers. The softer cone will smooth transients giving a warmer, more romantic presentation. The harder cone will give a very fast delivery of transients and a more lively presenation, with added detail retrieval.

It’s important to note the White is never forward or fatiguing, and the Black is never reticent or overly laid-back. Black and White offer different versions of essentially the same sound, options are a good thing. And with each the crossover optimized for the individual requirements of the unique driver compliment.

Cirrus White Pricing starts at $7995/pair

Cirrus White Gallery

  • rivers Used RAAL 70-20XR Amorphous Core Tweeter
    Accuton C173-6-96E Midwoofer
    Cabinet Tuning Rear Ported, 50hz tuning frequency
    Freq Response 50 – 38,500hz +/-3db, 60 – 26,000 hz +/- 1.5db
    Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
    Sensitivity 91 db
    Recommended Power 8-150 watts via Tube Amp
    15-250 watts via Solid State Amp
    Weight and Dimensions 60 Pounds
    19″ Height x 14″ Deep x 12.5″ Max Width
    8.25″ Baffle Width
    Crossover Details 2nd Order Parallel Network on Woofer and Tweeter, 5 total components
    Crossover point of 2400hz
  • Exclusive custom RAAL ribbon tweeter element
    High Efficiency Neo motor 7″ Accuton midrange
    Adjustable tweeter pod for adjustable phase
    Mass loaded constrained layer Baltic Birch baffle
    Laminated void free Baltic Birch ply cabinet with mass loaded constrained layer top
    Vapor Audio’s proprietary Acoustic Inversion Layer dampening treatment to reduce cabinet wall resonance by over 20db.

    Crossover Features:
    Jensen 12ga wax/paper Foil Inductors used on woofer and tweeter
    Clarity CMR Capacitors on both woofer and tweeter
    All point-to-point hand soldered with Cardas Silver Solder
    Path Audio Resistors
    Crossover in separate vibration isolated chamber

    Connectivity and Wiring:
    WBT 0703 Binding Posts
    Wired internally with braided Kimber TCSS for tweeter, Kimber 4TC for woofer

  • Below is a listing of some more popular upgrades, many others are available.
    Crossover components, wiring, and binding posts can all be chosen by the customer.
    Contact us for details and pricing.

    Finish Upgrades:
    Upgrade from a standard veneer to premium veneer – $200 (approx, price can vary)
    Hand Rubbed High Gloss Piano finish – $500
    Custom Height matching stands – $500

    Crossover Upgrade Packages:
    Jensen Silver Foil bypass capacitors – $400 (SWEET)
    Mundorf EVO Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors – $400 (LIVE)
    Jensen Copper/Foil capacitors – $800 (INTIMATE)
    Duelund RS capacitors - $1500 (PERFECTION)
    Please remember this is only a starting point for cap options. We have used many others not listed here such as Jupiter Copper Foil or Duelund Hybrid Silver. Inquire for more info

    Tweeter Upgrade:
    Silver/Gold RAAL Transformer winding – $400

    Binding Post Upgrades:
    Bi-wire option with WBT 0703 – $60
    Upgrade to WBT 0730 Polished Gold or Platinum – $100
    - bi-wire with WBT 0730, $200
    Upgrade to WBT 0710 Silver or Gold – $200 (Finest binding posts available today)
    - bi-wire with WBT 0710, $400

    Internal Wiring Upgrades:
    Antipodes Reference
     Silver/Gold Litz wire throughout – $800 (price can vary)
    Many options available, contact us for pricing and details