Most speaker manufacturers build an entry level speaker that resembles their flagship designs by name only. At Vapor we sought to design a speaker that would deliver experience of our higher end offerings, at a budget friendly price.  After many iterations of the Breeze a balance was reached of some of the highest quality components, implemented in an acoustically damped and inert cabinet, with a crossover that blends it all together seamlessly.

One Breeze listener commented, “You should name this Taste of Cirrus!” And he’s right; the magic that the Cirrus offers is all there, just in a smaller dose. The speed, transparency, incredible resolution, tonal accuracy and refinement – for its price, the Breeze is possibly the best in the World at all of these. All RAAL tweeters share the same addictive characteristics, and after hearing the shimmer and shine of your recording through one, you will understand why they carry this reputation. The specially made Glass Fiber cone, Symmetric Motor Drive woofer is also a true gem; it is able to reproduce tonally accurate and rich bass down to near 40hz without the typical distortion of a 6 inch driver. The midrange is a beautiful blend of resolution and musicality.Wavecor

Thanks to time alignment and well behaved drivers, the crossover is elegantly simple. Four total components and a 1st Order network result in perfect integration and a response that deviates a mere +/- 1.5db from 50hz to well beyond 30Khz. We are truly astounded by what was able to be accomplished with The Breeze, and believe it can compete with speakers many times it’s price.

The Breeze is offered in 3 standard finishes:  matte finish cherry, matte finish maple, and piano gloss black.
As with all of our speakers we do offer custom veneering upon request and at extra charge.

Breeze Pricing starts at $1895 per pair

Breeze Photo Gallery

  • Drivers Used RAAL 70-10D Tweeter
    Wavecor Glass-Fiber cone, Symmetric Motor Drive 6″ Woofer
    Cabinet Tuning Rear Ported, 46hz tuning frequency
    Freq Response 45 – 39,000hz +/-3db, 48 – 36,000 hz +/- 1.5db
    Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
    Sensitivity 87 db
    Recommended Power 30 – 150 watts via Tube Amp
    50 – 150 watts via Solid State Amp
    Weight and Dimensions 36 Pounds
    14″ Height x 10.5″ Deep x 8″ Max Width
    Crossover Details Time aligned, shallow slope network with Crossover point of 3100hz
  • RAAL ribbon tweeter element
    Custom Glass Fiber Symmetric Motor Drive 6″ midrange driver
    Time aligned baffle stepping
    Vapor Audio’s proprietary Acoustic Inversion Layer dampening treatment to reduce cabinet wall resonance by over 20db.

    Standard Crossover Features:
    Mundorf EVO capacitors
    Large Gauge air core inductors
    Kimber Cable internal Wiring
    All point-to-point hand soldered with Cardas Silver Solder

    Standard Finishes:
    Piano Finish Black
    Matte Finish Cherry
    Matte Finish Maple

  • Below is a listing of some more popular upgrades, many others are available.
    Crossover components, wiring, and binding posts can all be chosen by the customer.
    Contact us for details and pricing.

    Finish Upgrades:
    Upgrade from standard finish to custom veneer – $300 (starting price, can vary)
    Hand Rubbed High Gloss Piano finish – $500
    Custom Height matching stands – $500

    Crossover Upgrade packages:
    Mundorf EVO Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors – $250 (LIVE)
    Jensen Copper/Foil capacitors – $400 (BALANCE) *requires custom stand upgrade
    Dueland CAST capacitors – $1500 (PERFECTION) *requires custom stand upgrade

    - Please remember this is only a starting point for cap options. We have used many others not listed here and can offer insights on the best way to reach the sound you want, in the budget required. Inquire for more info

    Binding Post Upgrades:
    Upgrade to WBT 0703 – $60
    - bi-wire with WBT 0703 - $120
    Upgrade to WBT 0710 Gold – $100
    - bi-wire with WBT 0710 - $200
    Upgrade to WBT 0710 Silver – $200
    - bi-wire with WBT 0710 - $400

    Internal Wiring Upgrades:
    Antipodes Reference Silver/Gold Litz wire throughout – $800 (price can vary)
    Many options available, contact us for pricing and details