The end goal of most audio enthusiasts is to accurately reproduce the sound and feeling of an intimate concert venue with great acoustics, however due to limitations on size, space, and volume levels this is not always achievable. If you break down the sensation of live music, acoustically at least (not discounting the emotional experience that is live music), there are three concepts necessary to reproduce a performance such as this: Near unlimited Dynamic Range, Visceral Bass impact with extended natural decay, and expansive yet precise imaging. These three concepts were the design goals for The Arcus, a no compromises, unapologetic, attempt to reproduce a live music experience in a typical sized listening room. And to make it even more challenging, we tasked ourselves with meeting these goals in a small footprint.

These goals presented many challenges. First of which was sourcing a woofer that could produce the near unlimited dynamics of a live event combined with high-sensitivity, and refinement/nuance through the critical mid-band. Many drivers and implementations were experimented with and auditioned before we discovered the titanic driver manufactured by the American company Acoustic Elegance. Of all the woofers tried, only the Acoustic Elegance TD10M gave us the combination of characteristics required on paper, and delivered in the real World as well with extended periods of sonic bliss without a hint of fatigue or perceived effort.

To keep up with such a capable woofer, an equally impressive tweeter needed to be properly implemented found as well. Recent years have seen major advances in the production of Heil type Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter. The Beyma AMT is one such example. It combines high sensitivity with a very large radiating surface and a conical waveguide to boost output capability as well as control/match directivity to the woofer. It is also impressive in it’s power handling, and makes an ideal match with the AE woofer, one of the very few tweeters in existence that can keep up. The two drivers together make a compelling combination.

After hours and hours auditioning these drivers together, shuttering ourselves into our primary listening, a final crossover was found which gave expansive and yet pinpoint image, authoritative and fleshed out bass into the mid 40’s, some of the best mid-bass on the planet, and breathtaking dynamics. The Arcus is an enigma, a very unique offering in the World of hi-fi. You will receive a monitor speaker with incredible resolution and refinement, but also high enough sensitivity to run with for instance a 9wpc 300B SET. But also one that can handle insane volume levels without strain or onset of fatigue. No longer do you have to settle for the trade-offs typically inherent in high-sensitivity loudspeakers, the Arcus can do it all. We tell customers often that the Arcus may not be the best speaker in our lineup at any one thing, but does everything very well. And when it’s all tallied up, the Arcus is an incredibly fun toe-tapping experience!

If these goals align with the sound you are in pursuit of, contact us today for more info on an Arcus build.

Arcus Pricing starts at $7995/pair

Arcus Photo Gallery

  • Drivers Used Beyma TPL-150/H Tweeter
    Acoustic Elegance TM10M Woofer
    Cabinet Tuning Rear Ported, 39hz tuning frequency
    Freq Response 46 – 26,000 +/-3db, 50 – 23,500 hz +/- 1.5db
    Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
    Sensitivity 93 db
    Recommended Power 8-300 watts via Tube Amp
    15-500 watts via Solid State Amp
    Weight and Dimensions 85 Pounds
    25″ Height x 16″ Deep x 13″ Max Width
    Crossover Details 2nd Order Parallel Network on Woofer and Tweeter
    Crossover point of 1050hz
  • Beyma Air Motion Transformer in a damped and painted waveguide
    Acoustic Elegance 10” Midwoofer
    Aluminum / Phenolic composite baffle
    CNC cut laminated stacked 13-ply Baltic Birch construction standard
    Vapor Audio’s proprietary Acoustic Inversion Layer dampening treatment to reduce cabinet wall resonance by over 20db.
    Wood veneer or Automotive Paint finish included standard

    Standard Crossover Features:
    14 ga foil inductors
    VH Audio OIMP capacitors
    All point-to-point hand soldered with Cardas Silver Solder
    Crossover is contained in separate vibration isolated chamber

    Connectivity and Wiring:
    WBT 0703 Binding Posts
    Wired internally with braided Kimber TCSS for tweeter, Kimber 4TC for woofer

  • Below is a listing of some more popular upgrades, many others are available.
    Crossover components, wiring, and binding posts can all be chosen by the customer.
    Contact us for details and pricing.

    Finish Upgrades:
    Upgrade from a standard veneer to premium veneer – $200 (approx, price can vary)
    Hand Rubbed High Gloss Piano finish – $500
    Custom Height matching stands – $500

    Crossover Upgrade Packages:
    Jensen Silver Foil bypass capacitors – $400 (SWEET)
    Mundorf EVO Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors – $400 (LIVE)
    Jensen Copper/Foil capacitors – $800 (INTIMATE)
    Duelund RS capacitors - $1500 (PERFECTION)
    Please remember this is only a starting point for cap options. We have used many others not listed here such as Jupiter Copper Foil or Duelund Hybrid Silver. Inquire for more info

    Binding Post Upgrades:
    Bi-wire option with WBT 0703 – $60
    Upgrade to WBT 0730 Polished Gold or Platinum – $100
    - bi-wire with WBT 0730, $200
    Upgrade to WBT 0710 Silver or Gold – $200 (Finest binding posts available today)
    - bi-wire with WBT 0710, $400

    Internal Wiring Upgrades:
    Antipodes Reference Silver/Gold Litz wire throughout – $800 (price can vary)
    Many options available, contact us for pricing and details