Home Theater Shack: Perfect Storm White Speakers

“The Perfect Storm were equally comfortable with strings, woodwinds, and horns. They were fully comfortable with classical piano, acoustical instruments on bluegrass tracks, and heavy rock and roll. They can scream as easily as they can lull you to sleep.” Click here to read the full article


Enjoy The Music Review: Derecho Speakers

“The Vapor Audio Derecho is an impressive and fairly capable speaker that does a lot of things very right! The top end is world class, the bass is fun and involving, the midrange is balanced. The fit and finish of this speaker are among the best I have seen, the bare ply sides are impressive and beautiful and the quality of the ash burl used on the top of the speakers in impressive, the speaker is a clearly handmade work of art.” Click here to read the full article


Stereomojo Review: Vapor Audio Arcus Speakers

“For our specific recommendation, the Vapor Arcus is a solidly built, very inert loudspeaker using superb drivers that offer excellent dynamic capability, great detail and a superb sound stage. They are not quite full range but for much of what I listen to they go deep enough and the high frequency extension and clarity is excellent.” Click here to read the full article


Home Theater Review: Vapor Audio Stiff Breeze Speakers

“The Stiff Breezes I reviewed as a pair were clad in a very attractive and classy-looking piano-black lacquer. The speaker’s sides are curved, ending in a more narrow back than front, which eliminates any standing waves inside the enclosure. On the back is one set of high-quality speaker-wire connections and a port for the low-frequency driver. Each speaker weighs 48 pounds. Its dimensions are 20 inches high by eight inches wide by 14.5 inches deep. The front baffle is almost two inches thick. Overall, the appearance and build quality are what you would expect from a much more expensive speaker model.” Click here to read the full article


Stereo Times: Vapor Audio Cirrus Black Loudspeaker Review

“I’m just going to state up front that this is a very impressive sounding pair of loudspeakers, especially given their relatively modest price point. In my system they delivered exceptional detail and clarity without sounding eitheroverly bright or clinically dry.”  Click here to read the full article

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Customer Testimonials:

I auditioned a new pair of $6,000 Sonus stand mounted monitors and the $6,000 Harbeth 30.1’s. If my memory serves me correctly, after two days, the Stiff Breeze blew the Sonus monitors out of the water. I found the Sonus monitors to be too laid back, as if behind a veil. No comparison. I really enjoyed the Harbeth 30.1’s. However, I feel that the Stiff Breeze, with better bass, can go to-to-toe with the Harbeths at three times the price, representing a far greater value. I personally don’t see the price justification for either the Sonus or the Harbeths over the Stiff Breeze. In my 15′ x 12′ room, I listened to the Stiff Breeze for about 6 hours (mostly Coltrane, Houston Person, Johnny Hartman, Wayne Shorter, Patricia Barber, Mary Stallings, Ernestine Anderson, Raya Yarborough, Cassandra Wilson, etc). The Stiff Breeze put a big smile on my face. Moreover, it wasn’t until I shut off my equipment that I realized that the sub woofer hadn’t been turned on the whole time. No what? I didn’t miss the subs, and I’m a bass nut. I have three much larger rooms in my home, where I will do further evaluation of the Stiff Breeze. From now on, I will trust any product that Terry London reviews. The Terry London evaluation of the Stiff Breeze in the HomeTheater Review was spot-on in every respect. If the Stiff Breeze represents the lower end of the Vapor product line, then the “big boys” have reason to be worried. – Mike S. Riverside, CA

After breaking them in for a week, and then breaking in a new tube preamp the second week, I’m here to tell you that they far exceed my wildest expectations.  In my 72 years, I have had an endless parade of loudspeakers pass through my home. Bombastic refrigerator size, all the way down to small bookshelfs.  The Stiff Breeze presentation is just wonderful, and the Raal is flat out the finest tweeter I have ever heard. This is a very emotional loudspeaker. – Don G. Oceanside, CA

Well, the speakers (Joule Black) are home! They have arrived very well, very beautiful, I am very happy. I am atonished.  I have never heard anything like this! The midrange, beautiful, I never heard high frequenzies like that in my system, and what a  bass they have!  So far my impressions couldn’t be better.  Thank you Ryan – Luis B. Lima, Peru

Hey I just wanted to give you a heads up about the Breeze. First off they are really sounding better each day little by little.  I had my brother-in-law over last week and he couldn’t stop listening to them and mentioning how clear and it sounded and how good the bass was. Basically he was amazingly impressed. I find myself listening more to the speakers than my headphone rig lol. Thank you sir for making a wonderful product, it truly is awesome sounding on all fronts. – Toivo K. Kirkland, WA

I listened (Cirrus Black) for 3 hours yesterday and still can’t believe what I heard.  They are a 10 as far as looks go and the sound I heard yesterday would come in at an 11.  I’m sorry to tell you this, but you cannot have them back ever, so please don’t ask me.  I will be putting my Daedalus up for sale as soon as the holidays are done and I will talk with you about the Joules.  Btw, I love this veneer and finish so much that it is what I would want for the Joules.  Thanks for a superb job all around.  I can’t wait to listen again tonight.  You are a sonic genius and a first rate craftsman and designer! – Jimmy S, Bronxville, NY

In the past I operated a high-end audio retail store, and carried speakers that cost 10 times as much as your Cirrus.  But I can say that without a doubt these are the best speakers I’ve ever heard at any price!  They just do everything right, and have none of the limitations you’d expect from a stand mounted 2-way speaker.  The craftmanship is incredible, and I really enjoyed working with you on the build.  You really should be charging more for these.– Scott F. Harrisonburg, VA

The speakers (Cirrus White) are quite something else and I have never had a pair anywhere near as revealing. I play some familiar tracks and they are off? Then I play some others that are better recorded at they are far better than I have ever heard them. It makes me reassess my collection to weed out the bad recordings and cherish the good stuff. There is certainly something special about the Raal and Accuton combo, at least in the Vapor design. – Darren E. Auckland, New Zealand

After 2 months, the Cirrus Black are broken in and I can give my impressions.  Fabulous sound:  organic, abundantly detailed across the frequency spectrum, never strident, dynamic, involving.  Strongly appealing cosmetics:  solid examples of woodworking and finishing, beautiful form, off the charts construction values, distinctive but not overdone veneer.  I love these speakers! – Dennis W. Atlanta, GA

Ryan, you built a pair of speakers (Breeze) that surpasses the capacity their specs suggest and perform up to their full potential. Great tonality, very natural but highly detailed and revealing. What’s more; they are very delicate and musical connecting you with the performance. They make you feel the mood, emotions and spirit of the performers. Every nuance counts. A very moving experience, if present in the recording. – Selhan C. Nicosia, Cyprus

Wow!  What else can I say?  I didn’t believe you when you said the Cirrus would beat my B&W 802D’s in almost every way, but after about an hour of listening the 802′s went on Audiogon.  Sure the Cirrus doesn’t have quite the bottom octave extension or impact, but the bass is still shocking.  And in every other way they make the 802 sound edgy and unrefined.  Thanks so much!  I came out almost $5000 ahead after selling my 802′s and got better sound. – Zach S. Sacramento, CA

The sound and experience I am having with this set up (Cirrus White) and your speakers is pretty remarkable.  Folks who have listened have been blown away.  low level detail and PRAT are really, really good.  Overall clean, crisp and super dynamic! – Dean D. Chevy Chase, MD

The clarity, definition, imaging and musicality of the Cirrus Speakers is astonishing. I congratulate you on your magnificent creation, which is a work of beauty, filled with life and joy. The Cirrus Speakers will uplift all who are privileged to experience their astonishing beauty!  – former Revel Ultima Salon owner – Christopher B. Milwaukee, WI