So how did you get into that?

Ryan and Pete

I have yet to meet someone who said “when I was a child I wanted to design speakers”. This is something that people just fall into, through personal discovery and growth they discover an ability they never knew they had. And such is the case with myself. I always though I’d work for the National Weather Service, and even received a degree in Atmospheric Science. Then life happened and best laid plans don’t always pan out. I’m still a Meteorologist and like to show that with the names I choose for designs. So when I tell someone I build some of the World’s finest loudspeakers, the questions “How did you get into that?” is invariably asked.

Music has always played an important role personally. If you’re reading this you likely understand what I mean – most people listen to music, some experience it. The way music can speak to your soul like nothing else is what has always motivated drive toward bigger and better creations. Success is defined by giving the listener an emotional connection to the music, just as the performers intended.

Vapor Audio is pushing the boundaries of price vs performance. Look up and down our full line and you’ll see, we simply offer more than anyone else. Not only do we consistently use better drivers and crossover components than the competition, but our cabinets are in a league of their own! The “Inversion Layer” material we developed with the Cirrus Black has been adapted to every model in our lineup, and results in tangible performance improvements across the board. CNC’d stacked ply cabinets were also developed for the Cirrus Black and are used in the Arcus, Joule, and Perfect Storm models as well. Then addition of multi-layer phenolic/aluminum baffles has taken performance to another level. And the curved, pre-tensioned walls of the Aurora and Nimbus are unlike anything seen from any manufacturer, and at real-world prices.

The core of Vapor Audio is Pete Schumacher, Ed Rosenquist, and myself – Ryan Scott. Together I must say we are a formidable team, experienced and educated, with equal parts art and engineering. Put with that our network of local finishers, painters, and metalworkers and we’re poised for growth and innovation into the coming years.


Frequently Asked Questions

By far the most frequently asked question is warranty on our speakers. All speakers carry 1 year parts and labor warranty including cost of return shipping if needed. This guarantees against defect in the finish for all speakers delivered to Continental US addresses. International orders and Alaska/Hawaii are not warranted for finish imperfections due to variations in temperature and humidity that can be experienced during transit. All speakers then extend that to 3 years parts and labor, and then 5 years parts.

Sales and refunds – All our builds are custom, there is no pre-made inventory. This gives the customer unlimited opportunity to build speakers exactly to their taste. But also like any custom made product (jewelry, clothing, a house), once you commission a build to your specs, there are no refunds. Once a build is agreed upon with a customer, a deposit is taken. Then again as the build progresses and parts are purchased, another payment may be asked for, and then remainder of payment upon completion and before shipping. If at any time the customer needs to cancel their order, we will attempt to find a new buyer for that build, and once successful all payments received to that point can be refunded. There are no guarantees however as to the speed at which that can happen. But we have many many times done just that, it may be fast, or patience might be required.

Changes to order – Almost always we can accommodate changes to your order. For instance if you wish to upgrade from a Derecho to a Nimbus, we can immediately transfer balance of funds received to the Nimbus build. If you want to change from standard capacitors to Duelund capacitors, we can do that as well. If you want to change your veneer or paint, just make sure to request us doing so before the veneer or paint is applied to the speakers.

I want to see measurements – If you’re a customer who does want to see measurements of a design, just ask. We do combine art AND science, data is an integral part of the process. So we have numerous measurement datasets for all models that we can gladly share. But we’ve learned not to place them on the website because of people who do not know how to properly interpret them, they might see bad when the truth of the data shows exemplary performance.

Where can I listen – We sell direct, so there is no dealer network. What we often do however is connect owners from all across the country with local people interested in buying. Having been in business for almost 10 years, we have owners all across the USA, and in many locations internationally. Our owners are very enthusiastic about their Vapor Audio speakers, and usually are excited to host someone for a listening session. Also, if you wish to fly to our St Louis facility and showroom, we will pick you up at the airport and even apply the cost of your airfare to a build should you place an order (US visitors only). So there’s nothing to lose, and I promise I’ll be a good host!

How do you accept payment – We’re very flexible, as long as it clears. USA customers can use any major credit card, PayPal, or mailed payments. International orders are done with bank wire typically.

More FAQ’s coming soon